Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2009

The list of selected paintings has just been published. I scroll down... and here's my name !
I am so happy to have made the selection again. Every time that I take part into juried shows it's an agony. One brings his works at the venue and you find yourself in a queue. This year the place where the selection took place was a large hall in Kensington. I arrived on the morning of the first day: paintings were placed on the floor all along the walls, and my pictures were already in the third row.
Looking at the list of entries I can't fail to notice that the numbers go up to 1195.
I was confident about the work I submitted, but there is always a doubt on whether the judges will take the time to look carefully, come close, really close. Among more than a thousand works will they spot my rather small portrait?
It seems like they did this time, but still I think that it is not fair for one's own painting to throw them in the arena like this, and I will only take part to one juried show next year.
Please do take the time to look closely at the painting by visiting my website page and clicking on the picture for a high resolution image.

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