Sunday, 19 July 2009


Yesterday I had a chance to pay a short visit to Art in Action, a very large event/fair that showcases the work of artists and craftsman.
I must say I hadn't heard of this event in the previous years ( organizers, this is a sign you should be improving advertising ) although many others had: it took exactly one hour and ten minutes queuing to drive the last five km from the M40 to the site.
Art in action is held on the grounds of Waterperry House -note to self, next year remember wellies - and it looked to me as a very well organized event. Although I arrived at peak time on Saturday, parking was easy, the ticketing fast and my dog was allowed in.

Unfortunately I didn't have much time, and only walked about in all the different sections, but next year I definitely want to to go back and try some classes.
I also enjoyed very much looking at demonstrating artists. In the painting section I found Toby Ward painting a large beachscape, Charles Hardaker working on a portrait and Nicholas Archer just chatting along.

My painting "Mangetout" was rather tucked away in a corner at the Artists & Illustrators stand, but still looked nice. Perhaps I shouldn't say so but I thought it was a better work than the winner, a very large painting of a pair of black boots. The new issue of the magazine with images of the winning works will come out n the 24th of July.

Opposite from the A&I stands I had the chance to buy some very honestly priced brushes from Rosemary & Co. I can't wait to try them. Rosemary gave me a copy of her new catalogue. She has just introduced a new line of long filbert brushes which I want to buy next. I saw Richard Schmid using this kind of shape in a DVD, and I like the lack of control they seem to yield.

There were more interesting sections: sculpture, drawing and printmaking, weaving and many more, and the food available was very good and varied, including the Pimm's tent. I wish I had more time to chat with artists, as networking is quite rare for painters.
A great day out, I think it will become a permanent date on my calendar.

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