Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A must see show : Gennadii Gogoliuk at John Martin Gallery

Today walking back from the Royal Academy Summer Show and the National Portrait Gallery BP Show I had this strong feeling of having seen too many artworks by too many artists. I felt uninspired and confused, after all, one thinks, is there any need for more paintings ?
Meandering around the West End galleries I was attracted by a painting in a gallery window. I did not know the painter, Gennadii Gogoliuk, but I was fascinated by his works. They are lyrical and have a complex simplicity to them. The colour is wonderfully layered, the surface delicately treated.
The theme of the show is One Thousand and One Morning, and is populated by an ensemble of creatures who just stayed with me.

I wonder how I could have missed four previous exhibition by this artist. Perhaps I have seen one or two of his paintings at ArtLondon but it wasn't until today when I entered into his world (46 paintings !) that I could really appreciate the poetry of his vision.

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Laura Campbell said...

Gennadii has another wonderful show here at John Martin Gallery until the 26th October - do pop in again. The works are evolving and are very striking.

Kind regards,