Sunday, 21 June 2009

Book review: Portraiture in Russia XX Century

The other day my eyes fell on this large volume in Waterstone and I just could not resist buying it.
It is a rich collection of works (460 illustrations !) from State Russian Museum in St Petersburg.
From Feshin and Repin to Makarevich's conceptualism ( 1988), the quality of the works is outstanding.
I recognized some of them from the recent Russia! show at the Royal Academy.

Pyotr Miturich's portrait of Arthur Lourie and Leo Tolstoy Barefoot by Ilya Repin were both in that show.

The book though contains many more treasures and it is particularly interesting to look at the development of portraiture throughout the century, from traditional russian realism, and how paintings from the twenties seem far more modern that other works from 1959.
An very good source of inspiration for portraitists.

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