Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Show 2009/2

Today I went to see the show again and I again enjoyed the variety and admired the quality of this year's show.
I took some pictures before realizing that perhaps I wasn't allowed. Anyway I hope that the artists won't be upset at me publishing them here.
Here are some of the "stolen" images

This is a portrait by Aldo Balding. Balding is an English born painter but lives in France. I saw many of his delicate children paintings at the RSPP show in the past years. He showed his work at the Catto Gallery in London last year.
I like this painting also because I have got the same dog :-)

This is a self portrait by Luis Morris Aroi that hung right next to Balding's one. I think that he was at Heatherley's too some time ago, anyway his paintings are very atmospheric and have dreamy colours.

Daniel Shadbolt
is the recipient of last years Bulldog Bursary (RP members were actually judging this year's applications today). I really like his work and I plan to go see his work next week as he is holding an open studio.

I thought Ken Howard self portrait was exceptional and strangely hidden in a corner.

A very good drawing by Neal Helyard, winner of the Prince of Wales Award. It's a small jewel.

Another jewel is the chalk pencil drawing by Martin Yeoman which for scale and quality of the marks made me think of Rembrandt's etchings.

Sally Cutler
's linocuts were delightful.
More beautiful works were Benjamin Sullivan's "Virginia", Ken Paine's "Day Dreaming", Luke Martineau's "Grace at the piano".

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